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In case we do not respond to your calls for certain reasons then please email or Whatsapp us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Please note travel is not included.However, we can arrange travel from Kolad or Roha Railway station for you on prior intimation.

Different modes of travel:

  • By Train / Bus & Tum-Tums: Daily Trains from Mumbai that get you to Kolad or Roha Railway station, Tickets cost approximately INR 25 /- for a local train( you can inform us at what time your train is arriving and we can pre-book for Tum-Tums for you, Kolad station to Gaachee resort at INR 400 /- & Roha station to Gaachee resort at INR 900 /- (6-8 People in each tum-tum), Best recommended is to make groups and travel.
  • By Personal Car or Motorbike : Just turn on your Navigation search for Gaachee Resort, Kolad. We suggest downloading the map offline as there can be network issues on your way.
  • By Rented Cab (we can share the contact details of our travel agent with you)
  • For more details call on 9833623345/9920336325.

    Contact Details

    • Village Kamath, Off SH-60, Near Sutarwadi, Kolad(Near Rafting End Point and Kolad Water Sports;600mts away)
    • 9920336325/9833623345/9234503527

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