Outdoor Pool

Pool with picturesque view of hills equipped with modern amenities like:

  • Separate Adult (4 Feet) and Kids (2.5 Feet) Pool
  • Separate Wave Slides for Kids & Adults
  • Jacuzzi in Adult Pool

Swimming Pool Rules:

  • Swimming Pool Timing- 10:00am to 6:30pm ( No one is allowed to enter the pool area outside the schedule time)
  • Appropriate swimming costume & shower is mandatory before entering the Pool
  • Kids below 14 years sole responsibility of parents/guardian; Kids below 5 feet not allowed in Adult Pool, parents/guardian to ensure the same
  • Diving is not allowed in pool from outside; entry through ladders/steps only
  • Walk and not run on Pool deck area, no rough play. Behave responsibly to avoid injury to yourself and others
  • No Outside food/snacks/beverages/Pan Masala/Tobacco allowed in Pool area
  • No food/snacks/beverages allowed inside Pool
  • Photography of other guests prohibited, you may be asked to leave the pool area if you don’t comply
  • Any inappropriate language or sign or behavior, you may be asked to leave the pool area if you don’t comply
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in Pool area
  • Drinking of Alcoholic drinks including Beer/Breezer etc. is prohibited in Pool area; person under the influence of alcohol/drugs won’t be allowed in Pool area
  • Pets/Animals (any type) are not allowed in Pool Area
  • Management reserves the right to deny access to the pool, to any one at anytime
  • Resort has basic first-aid kit. We are at off location, no Hospitals nearby or ambulance  or doctor on call facility. Guests to take utmost precaution keeping the same in mind